Banana Loca®- Banana Corer and Filler

Banana Loca®- Banana Corer and Filler

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Banana Loca® is an innovative kitchen gadget that straightens a banana, cores it while still in the peel, and allows you to fill it with a variety of tasty food pairings like yogurt, honey, jams & jellies, peanut butter and Nutella! 

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How to use

  • Step One
    Cut off the tip of the banana about half an inch from the top.
  • Step Two
    Straighten the banana by putting the cut tip end into the holder, gently straighten the banana against the holder with one hand.
  • Step Three
    Insert the corer into the holder, do not twist or cover the hole while inserting. Once fully inserted, twist the handle, cover the hole with your thumb and pull out the corer.
  • Step Four
    Fill hopper with 3 tablespoons of filling per banana. Push down on the handle until you see the filling at the very tip of the nozzle.
  • Step Five
    Insert the nozzle into the banana while holding it gently. Push down on the handle and let the filling push the banana out.

How to clean

  • Step One
    Insert the plunger into the corer to push out the core
  • Step Two
    Insert the plunger through the nozzle to remove excess filling
  • Step Three
    Brush all Banana Loca® parts with warm soapy water then rinse and let air dry.

How to assemble

  • Step One
    Match nozzle notch with top gap on white screw section of hopper, join together. Place yellow cap over nozzle and screw clockwise until firmly against brown body of hopper.

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